I have never been the person that knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up.  At school everyone seemed so convicted in their career aspirations while I was constantly changing my mind, nothing sitting well with me.  My two favorite subjects were science and english, so I decided to follow a biology track in college.  

During those four years my love for biology solidified.  A career in research started to take shape.  I was accepted to a graduate program winter of my senior year and was ready for a new adventure.  Little did I know that adventure was waiting for me in a Creative Writing 101 course that upcoming spring.  

After a semester of exploring my creative side through poetry and short stories, I was hooked.  After graduation I continued writing for fun and in graduate school it was an outlet for stress.  My best friend and I would have 'de-stress' writing sessions to escape the pressures of graduate school.  We wrote a little, talked a lot, and she is the one who encouraged me to seek publication and share my story with the world.  Three years later, a few pages about a dream I had has turned into a manuscript.     

Throughout the years, my fiance has been a constant source of encouragement.  After five years together, he understands my passion for writing and is supportive of me seeking authorship.  Balancing work, my novel, and everything else would not be possible without his hugs and our baby puppy Otis's cuddly kisses.

Thank you to them, my friends, and my family for being my support team through the process of getting published.  

Here's a link to a Q&A I did with author Joshua Gillingham 

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